KIND Liverpool



For over four decades KIND's ethos has never changed – they believe that all children have the right to be the best they can and that it is their role to help facilitate this by providing experiences, activities and services which show them that they and life can be different and that they and life can be better.
This is why, since 1975 they have worked tirelessly to find new ways to help children and families across Liverpool and Merseyside cope with the effects of poverty and disadvantage.
A Big Lottery funded external evaluation of their work identified that they have a strong, positive impact on children’s lives in 4 key areas: Building social and emotional capacity; improving achievements; Getting and staying healthy and Developing supportive relationships with adults.
Across the range of their work they have been able to help children to: improve their self-confidence; develop their education and skills; think creatively; live healthily and develop a sense of social responsibility.
That is why Emmy & Sebby has committed to making a donation to KIND as we too believe that every child deserves to know they are special and be given the opportunity to lead whatever life they desire.
Please visit KIND's website for further information;