Zoom’s New Breastfeeding Masterclasses

There are a lot of things we’re having to press pause on during the coronavirus pandemic. But even a pandemic doesn’t stop babies being born…

And now more than ever, new mums are choosing to breastfeed because of the protection that it offers their babies against infections.

But with anything new, you need support. And while it would have been normal for mothers to go to breastfeeding classes and baby groups, learning from professionals and meeting other women in the same position, the “new normal” means social distancing prevents these sorts of classes being held right now. So what do you do instead?

If you’re lucky enough to live near Leeds, you could find that in-person support even in the current climate, through Bosom Buddies, the brainchild of two coordinators from Health for All, who have set up an alternative to typical breastfeeding groups by setting classes up in parks, still in line with the government’s Covid-19 guidance.

But if you’re further afield, you could find your breastfeeding community closer than you think, because you don’t even need to leave your front door to join some of the biggest breastfeeding groups right now…

Women all over the world are now starting to breastfeed on Zoom, be that joining a group of women for support, tuning in to learn from an instructor, or even doing it while they work.

As a result of lockdown, being able to multitask and breastfeed while taking a conference call might go some way to breaking the stigma around breastfeeding in the workplace, and that’s something we fully support.

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