What you need to know about dummy clip safety!

You may be considering a dummy clip to keep your little one’s precious dummy safe, but you‘re unsure how safe dummy clips actually are?

There are a lot of mistruths written about dummy clips online. However, you do need to be careful when purchasing a dummy clip, as not all are safe and legal.

Strict EU regulations around the design and manufacture of dummy clips: BSEN 12586:2007 specifies strict criteria that must be met in order for a dummy clip to be legal within the UK. This may sound daunting when considering which dummy clip is the right one for your baby, but an illegal dummy clip is fairly easy to spot!


A dummy clip should be no longer than 22cm (not including the actual clip which attaches to the clothing).


Perhaps a more difficult one to gauge, a dummy Clip needs to withstand just shy of 10kg being hung off it without it snapping or breaking.

Impact Resistance

Another one that’s more difficult to gauge. Babies and toddlers are not known for being particularly gentle with their belongings, and therefore dummy clips need to pass strict impact resistance tests. These impact resistance tests need to be carried out in a Laboratory under test conditions.

Small Parts

Babies put things in their mouths, we all know this. Therefore, any parts deemed a choking hazard must be securely attached so they do not fall off, snap or break under impact.

Furthermore, any parts deemed large enough, should have ventilation wholes. The size of the part dictates the number of ventilation wholes required.

Small parts should, under no circumstances be attached with glue - that’s a definite no-no!


All dummy clips need to have specific warnings published either on, or in, the packaging.

This list above is by no means exhaustive and there are many more things a seller has to do in order to meet the safety standards. For example, chemical tests are carried out to ensure materials are non toxic and if the dummy clip has a cartoon character on it or presents any ‘play appeal’, it also needs to adhere to Toy Safety Regulations!

So how can you be sure you are buying a safe dummy clip?

In order to be certain, it is always best to check the product packaging which should clearly state whether the dummy clip is made to EU safety regulation BSEN12586:2007.

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